1. coelasquid:

    I hope everyone has dropped what they were doing to watch Cosmos and enjoy our lovingly crafted animated sequences tonight.

    The animation sequences were beautiful and it was incredibly satisfying to see that type of content aired on FOX.

    At one point Ben commented on it, saying he was surprised the network didn’t cut it out, and now I understand why I’ve heard reviews of the show saying it’s representation of history was “questionable”.

    I highly doubt Neil deGrasse Tyson failed to “do his homework” with this. And the piece is only “questionable” because it exposes the darker history of Catholicism (which I thought was common knowledge). had this had to do with Islam, I doubt there’d be too many objections.

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  2. We are crapped out on the couch. He’s watching face off (tv show not the movie because I have banished Nicholas Cage from our home) I’m half watching it. I think I could be completely content staying in this spot for the rest of my life. Ben often talks about giving our couch the ability to fly, it can only take off when we and the cats are on it together, blankets and pillows are a must and we can go wherever we want. He’s got the coolest plans for our future.

    We had a long talk today about his art and how it saddens me that he isn’t working at it the way he used to.

    He explained that when he was working at Frederator, he basically had a full 8 hours dedicated to his art, but after he got laid off and took the first available job (at the preschool I was working at at that time) all that time was gone, and at the end of the day any creative drive he had was sucked out by all those precious little angels.

    we agreed to set aside time on the weekend to work on things, I’m hoping this will help to inspire him. It really kills me that he’s put this on the back burner because I know how happy he is when he’s creating shit. That’s not to say he isn’t happy now-he has this wonderful ability to be content and comfortable in almost any circumstance- I just know he misses it.

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  3. It’s about time I told you Naomi. You’ve recently entered a new realm of existence and empowerment. Once you became an official columnist for Huffington Post, you unknowingly joined the club that we like to call “The Club for Real Writers.” As a real writer, you get to call your own shots. You get to make the calls. You’re up there in the high country now, where art is no longer about the asking, but the doing. It’s for everyone else to simply look, marvel, and perhaps sigh “ahhhhh” with enlightened bemusement. The rest of the club members have consulted on what will ultimately be your last question below, and have come to the unanimous decision that you will know what to do. Welcome.

    Been volunteering with Soul Pancake for a while, I was recently given the opportunity to be their correspondent for Huffington Post (sorry to be repetative but I gotta fill in the newbies) I’ve approached it in a very tip-toe fashion, afraid to do the wrong thing because I didn’t want to fuck up what I’ve been given. Tonight I submitted another article to be edited and asked a question regarding the article. This was the answer the editor gave me.

    I think I just became a Jedi. 

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  4. jenaichin:

Many scripts of many languages #tattoo


    Many scripts of many languages #tattoo

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  5. That time I didn’t realize who I was really sitting next to

    Ben’s friend Manny came by to discuss the possibility of making a graphic novel with me. He is probably one of the nicest people I have ever met so far, I learned a lot from him and I have a much better idea of what I need to do writing wise in order for him to translate it properly. 

    However, I did not fully realize who this person was. I just knew he was a friend of Ben’s who he met when he was working as an animator. He works for Marvel. He was the guy that came up with the Blue Ear. Remember a while back when Marvel was all over the news for creating a deaf superhero for deaf child who needed some inspiration? Manny did that. It may not seem like a big deal to some of you, and maybe it’s just the nerdy comic book girl that I am, but I suddenly felt like such a noob. 

    And he’s working on a project with me.

    Sometimes life gets a little more awesome. 

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  6. A while back I was at a craft fair and one of the vendors liked my owl tattoo so much, she asked to take a picture of it. This is what she turned it into. :) 
via Etsy.com

    A while back I was at a craft fair and one of the vendors liked my owl tattoo so much, she asked to take a picture of it. This is what she turned it into. :) 

    via Etsy.com

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  7. going in a different direction

    I write a lot. I have notebooks filled with stories and ideas, all of which I insist are incredibly stupid and will only be viewed by Ben after he pries them away from me to spare them from being thrown into the garbage. 

    A while ago he was reading something I had done and he suggested that it would make a good graphic novel. I agreed with him but didn’t really know anyone who would be willing to do a collaborative project with me. Actually that’s not totally true, I didn’t know anyone whose artistic style would blend well with what I’ve done. So I kinda didn’t give the whole comic thing anymore thought and I just kept writing unfinished work. 

    Recently Ben got in touch with a friend of his that he used to work with when he was at Next New, they got to talking and he mentioned my stories to him. We chatted a bit via e-mail and he liked what I’ve sent him. I suppose a collaboration has officially begun. I’m pretty excited bout it. I’m looking forward to seeing how he interprets what I’ve written and I’m hoping this will be the extra motivation I need to finally finish something. Even if it doesn’t go anywhere, I’d like to be able to have something tangible that I’ve created instead of just dreamed up and did nothing with. We’ll see how it goes :) 

    ps. the artist is Manny Mederos and his tumblr is here

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  8. Anyone see Indie Game The Movie?

    you should :)

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  9. It was this episode where Donald Trump understood that he didn’t understand me, and feeling misunderstood by Donald Trump and Clay Aiken is its own kind of joy.
    – Penn Jillette, -Vissa D’arte Even on The Celebrity Apprentice

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  10. Are we proud of the game we made and the team that made it? Hell yes. Are we going to change the ending of the game? No.
    Bioware, after announcing an “extended cut” DLC to be released for free this summer. (via -ryan)

    I haven’t played 3 yet, but it seems the majority of people who have, are EXTREMELY unhappy with it’s ending. I’m glad to hear that they aren’t changing it. I think if they did it would only back the argument that video games aren’t real art. This was Bioware’s vision, they didn’t promise you would like it, but I think it’s great that a game could evoke that type of response out of people.

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  11. Dave Grohl is the shit

    Probably the only acceptance speech that will mean anything tonight

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  12. My most cherished responsibility as a bona fide indie filmmaker is to let everyone know the shot is always worth taking. It costs nothing to encourage an artist, and the potential return is immeasurable. A song will cheer your mood. A movie will let you escape. A podcast will make you laugh. Nice dividends to a simple investment.

    -Kevin Smith

    He did a Q&A that I caught last night on TV, he had some mazing things to say about art and life in general, I was trying to find a video clip of it but couldn’t, there’s an article here. 

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  13. happywaccoon:

Pointillized pomegranates that I drew today.

 My lady friend Erica is a pretty fantastic artist! :) 


    Pointillized pomegranates that I drew today.

     My lady friend Erica is a pretty fantastic artist! :) 

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  14. Interactive wedding programs ( via offbeatbride)
I LOVE this idea! 

    Interactive wedding programs ( via offbeatbride)

    I LOVE this idea! 

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